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Glass Knobs And Pulls – Glass doorknobs are beautiful treasures that can add charm to any decor. A collection of glass knobs can fill a vase on a table entry or with the addition of screws pin. Can become hooks for hanging a multitude of things. Replace the typical pegs on the wall rack with bright glass doorknobs and greet your guests with a sense of glitz and extravagance when they enter your home.

Posted on November 24, 2017 Hardware

Instructions: put wood on a table in front of you so that the face 6 – inch board is flat on the table and 36 inches in length and the Board is parallel to you. Measure and mark lined glass knobs and pulls that run horizontally. Through the middle of the face 6 inches of the Board, forming a center line slightly. Measuring 6 inches of both short ends of the board. Lightly mark the points on the line with a pencil. Measure 18 inches short end of the table and lightly mark the spot with a pencil on the center line.

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The resulting points are 12 inches apart. Leave enough space between the glass knobs and pulls for hanging hats and coats on them. Drill a pilot hole for the screw shank in each of the three marked points on the line of the table. Board sand. Remove the pencil marks and any sharp edges and rough surfaces.