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Kitchen Sink Strainer – A basket sieve kitchen sink connected to the drain and is the part that adjusts the shutter down. You may need a new filter basket if you experience leaks and retighten the nuts and bolts of slip does not seem the problem. When a new sieve shopping, buy a better quality filter basket and avoid thin metal or plastic sieves not last as long.

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Put aside at least two hours to complete the project. Instructions: Remove the drain connected to the sieve basket under the sink. Removing the top of the tail and lower slide nuts with a wrench or adjustable plier’s spigot groove. Inspect washer’s tail. If worn, buy replacements. Release locknut kitchen sink strainer basket by turning counterclockwise with a wrench or adjustable plier’s spigot groove. Remove and inspect the rubber washers and fiberglass. Purchase parts washers if worn.

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Remove the kitchen sink strainer basket over the sink and place. He strips away the putty around the drain hole with a plastic putty knife. Clean any residue with a clean cloth. Roll plumber’s putty into a snake and applies on the edge of the bottom of the new basket sieve. Place the new filter basket in the drain hole and press into place. Replace the filter basket.

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