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Installing New PVC Copper Faucet – Putting the finishing touches on the newly installed sink means to hook up to the home’s plumbing system. Most homes are built with PVC piping main drains, so there is often a need to connect metal to plastic PVC piping. Using the right size PVC threaded fittings, and a flexible hose connection kit. You can make the transition from copper to PVC with a leak-free connection. Turn off the water supply off to the PVC pipe at the main water shutoff. Measure and cut the existing PVC pipe under the sink to fit as needed. Clean the end of each cut pipe using the utility knife to remove any PVC degrees from cuts.

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New PVC copper faucet use two PVC pipes, one for hot and cold water. Which connects to the tap. Apply PVC cement to the end of each of the existing PVC pipe. And the inside of the sliding end (the end opposite the threads). Slide grinding the end of each fitting over the end of the PVC pipe. Twist each fitting 180 degrees as you put it on the tube to distribute the cement and fully press the end of the tube. Linda male threaded ends of each PVC fitting and the male ends of each. Of the existing copper fittings on the faucet with pipe thread tape. Start at the end of the bracket and wrap the tape up the fitting until all the wires are covered.

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To install new PVC copper faucet, thread one end of each of the two flexible hose connections to the copper fittings on the crane. Attach the remaining ends of the flexible hose to the PVC fittings. Locate the flex hose connected to the labelled hot water side of the faucet. And plug it into the threaded plug on the labelled hot water PVC pipe. Thread female fitting on the flexible hose to the male PVC fitting and tighten it with a wrench. Turn the main water valve and turn on the tap to test for water flow. Making it possible for the air to clear out of the water line, and run both the hot and cold water sides until water flows smoothly. Inspect each connector to ensure that there are no leaks and tighten fittings in addition to seal any leaks.

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