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Shower curtain tension rod – There are two basic options for installing shower rod: permanent shower rods or spring tension rods. Spring rods can install without damaging the ceramic tiles, but over time they tend to slip out of place no matter how much tension is initially apply. Use a tape measure to mark the hole locations. No doubt the shower rod is level, measure from the floor or bathtub to the desire height on both walls.

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Place tape on the walls according to your measurements for shower curtain tension rod. Mark the locations of the holes with a pencil. The tape helps prevent the drill from slipping against the tile when drilling begins. Then put on eye protection. Hold the drill firmly and start drilling at a slow speed. The drill will be held at right angles to the wall so that the bit goes directly into the tile. Angled drilling can cause crack tile.

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Furthermore, insert anchors into the drilled holes, followed by the remaining hardware. If the shower curtain tension rod is adjustable, screw on both supports. If not, screw one of the brackets in. Insert one end of the rod into the bracket. Attach the other bracket without screwing it in, then insert the other end of the bar and screw down.

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