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Tension shower caddy – If you are using a tension shower caddy now. Chances are good that you bought it to keep shampoo bottles, soaps and razors from falling to the floor during showering. If your tension shower caddy now falls to the floor. And you might have exceeded its weight limit, resulting in a loss of suction. First, consider lightening the load, and if it doesn’t work. And then buy some new suckers to replace your current one, which may have decreased in efficiency over time.

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How to keep a tension shower caddy. With remove all items from your shower caddy and remove it from your shower or bath wall. Examine the back of your tension shower caddy where suction cups attached. Then remove the existing suction cups and measuring them and the keyhole slots they are connect. A keyhole size of 8/3 inches, for example, will fit a suction cup measuring 1 4/3 inches in diameter.

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Buy new suckers from your local hardware store to replace those currently in your shower caddy. Your current suction cups may have lost its effectiveness over time. Insert new suction cups in the keyholes on the back of your tension shower caddy. When the suction cups are secured, soak them and shower or tub wall where you want to hang caddy with a damp paper towel or cloth. Press tension shower caddy firmly against the shower or bath wall and hold for 30 seconds. Release caddy and confirm that it does not slip before returning shower items to it.

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