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Rocking in swivel rocking chairs is a soothing experience for most, but you may not care about the movement and prefer to just sit still. Make your rocking chair motionless with a few inexpensive supplies and basic knowledge in one drill. It takes about 15 minutes to start enjoying your stable rocking chair.

Posted on August 11, 2017 Chair

Measure the width of the runners, which is the curve piece beneath the rocking chair that creates the rocking motion. Then, purchase of four rubber feet that are commonly use for chair legs. The feet should be as wide as runners or less. Make a mark on the front of one of the rockers, at the point where it begins to rise from the floor. Make a similar mark on the back part of the swivel rocking chairs and on the front and rear portions of the second rocker.

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Then, turn the swivel rocking chairs on its side and drill holes in the runners in those marks. Also use a hand drill with a drill in the same size as the bolts on rubber. Screw the rubber feet into the holes tightly. And then stand upright chair. The rubber feet prevent the chair from rocking forward and backward.