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Kitchen Sinks Stainless Steel – We are confident that tried to clean the kitchen sink several times before, but it just is not the same as what it was when you bought it. Today we are going to show an effective way to clean the kitchen sink and get rid of the germs that disinfect. Follow these simple steps (which will not be using any chemicals) and the sink will look new again.

Posted on July 27, 2017 Hardware

You will have to use: liquid dishwashing soap distilled wine vinegar, baking soda, rock salt, lemon or lime, brush, an old rag and a sponge or soft nylon. If you want to make a daily cleaning with mild soap and a sponge made of nylon. It is very important to avoid using ammonia or bleach as it can cause serious damage to stainless steel. After cleaning simply rinse kitchen sinks stainless steel and towel dry.

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It is very important to rinse the sink after each use, as salt in food can also damage stainless steel. Moisten the surface of your kitchen sinks stainless steel and cover it with a little baking soda. Make a paste of it with the brush with the sponge and then rinse thoroughly. Using the toothbrush can clean the caulk and seal around the sink. Rub well with baking soda. Rinse and repeat the process.