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Shower shut off valve – It is impressive how much water we waste in shower. On one hand, it can happen that heater is away from bathroom. So that when you open faucet it will take time to get hot water. This causes all that cold (and part of hot) water to go down drain before let’s go in shower. We must also consider fact that our head has a considerable flow. And we also like to be more than necessary under stream of hot water.

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Experts in field have estimated that we throw approximately 20% of shower water. Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimate that in US water use in shower shut off valve equals 17% of domestic consumption. Assuming that each household there has an average expenditure of 150 liters of water per day in shower. We have that amount used throughout country in a year would serve to supply (during that period of time) to New York and New Jersey. This is creepy.

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It is always a good idea to install a low-energy shower, which is below 7-8 liters per minute, but we can also install a thermostatic shower shut off valve, such as evolve model, which is placed just before showerhead, And which serves to allow passage of cold water (when shower is first opened), but which cuts off flow once it has reached a certain temperature.