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Brass hinges – We all have a few doors at home, maybe one or two closet doors. Boxes, suitcases or safes for storage or decoration. Then you know perfectly importance of hinges. After all, hinge all these mechanisms of closet doors. Doors of rooms, trunks or chests would not work. Hinges are an indispensable object in home. And are part of those elements that are part of our house and that go completely unnoticed.

Posted on August 18, 2017 Hardware

They are, however, indispensable and is that if a hinge is broke. We must replace it immediately. Hinges and hinges differ in only one feature. A hinge has – in contrast to a hinge – two mutually separable parts. If a door is with a hinge to frame. Door can be easily lift at any time. Brass hinges use for furniture – such as cabinets, cabinets or sideboards – are often hide hinges. Which are not visible from outside, which also embellishes look of furniture.

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Mini Brass HingesSize: 900 x 900

Brass Hinges TypeSize: 1200 x 815

Brass Hinges SetSize: 800 x 407

Brass Hinges KnifeSize: 1200 x 900

Brass Hinges InstallSize: 800 x 509

Brass Hinges GuideSize: 1184 x 656

Brass Hinges DoorSize: 849 x 566

Brass Hinges ColorsSize: 800 x 852

Brass Hinges CabinetSize: 1280 x 960

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But what can I do with squeaky doors? First, doors must be hung so that they fit tightly with brass hinges. Once we make sure of this, we can choose to use something to lubricate hinge and prevent it from sounding. For this we can use oil designed for this purpose or old remedy when we do not have it by hand: olive oil or margarine!