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Door knob with lock – The mechanisms of door locks are design to cure a long time with minimal maintenance. The most important thing is to ensure that the eye bolt the door is set correctly. Impregnate the eye bolt with a thin layer of petroleum jelly or a recommend in each of the fat revisions car. Regular lubrication of the rest of the mechanism. So usually not easy, since all major components are locate inside the door. And are only accessible to them when we remove the door panel.

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If the door knob with lock mechanism begins to cause problems. Or if long ago that has not been give an overview of this. The closure assembly must be remove, clean and also lubricate. It may be useful for the mechanism to implement the key in the dust of graphite. This is achieve by placing a bit of dust on the key. And inserting and also removing it from the lock. They are not to use oils to lubricate the lock to prevent dirt from collecting on it.

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Good Door Knob With LockSize: 1219 x 988

Door Knob With LockSize: 992 x 641

Door Knob With Lock TypeSize: 1000 x 1000

Sometimes, extreme low temperatures, the door knob with lock can frozen making it impossible to turn the key. If this happens, there is to try to force the key or likely to depart and be within the lock. And then, you must use one of several products that exist for these cases.

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