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Front door locksets – There are many types of exterior door lock to choose from. Knowing what is available can help you select right door for your application. Exterior doors should provide security and protection from elements. A solid core is a function that almost all exterior doors have in common. This robust design makes them more suitable for outdoor use than their typically lighter weight indoor counterparts.

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Add right hardware for your door can change look to suit style of your building. Knobs, thumb button handles and door handles all commonly use on exterior doors. Knobs and thumb buttons are safer. Provide little leverage to force front door locksets. Door handle is preferred installation for homes with elderly. Disabled or very young residents for their ease of access. Items such as peepholes or “speakeasy” type windows provide extra security, so you can see who is on other side of door without allowing access.

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Home Front Door LocksetsSize: 1024 x 678

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Front Door Locksets GoldSize: 1200 x 900

Front door locksets are available with these features, or they can be add later. Gaskets sweeps, door knockers and name plates not only serve utilitarian purposes but can also be use as decorative elements to complement your door handles and other hardware. Choose finishes that are same or similar to your existing hardware when adding these elements into a coherent look.

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