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Lighted vanity mirror wall mount on and lengthen arm is a useful tool for all who wear cosmetics. Since these mirrors tilt at different angles, they will let you see what you’re doing clearer. Giving you a more accurate idea of ​​how much makeup to use and what colors look most natural. While most hardwired makeup mirrors must be install by a qualified electrician. Some models can be set by someone familiar with residential wiring.

Posted on September 8, 2017 Hardware

Electric octagon box screwdriver wall fasteners. Decide where on the wall to install the lighted vanity mirror wall, and check that nothing is behind the wall, such as plumbing, wiring interferes. Select a type of fastener for securing the mirror wall mount, such as screws or bolts ceramic tiles.

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Lighted vanity mirror wall, choose an electric octagon box that can handle up to 15 pounds. The mirror and arm combined can be nearly this heavy, and there is always a chance that someone could hang a towel or other item on the arm, which increases the load. Mount octagon box on a line with a CGFI protection. Align the box vertically with the wall where you want to install the mirror. Remove the back cover on the mounting unit by removing the screws or nuts that hold the cover in, and then remove the inner plate in the same way.