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Stainless steel kitchen sink – Stainless steel, still most popular material for kitchen sinks. You can find it in corner models that actually fit into 90-degree angle kitchen table. Elkay makes a model with two equal bowls that are place diagonally on each other from point to point. V-space that is between two dishes at top edge houses tap.

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Stainless steel kitchen sink are widely available in models to fit any budget. Strength of steel means that they are doing well as under mount sinks. And they tend to look better with age. They are durable and will not crack. But they can stain, if not maintained. They are available in different finishes that go with many interior arrangements, and can be fit with insulation to reduce noise.

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Fireclay sinks are make of clay, which means that they can be paint or sculpt for a more luxurious look. They can withstand high heat and will not rust, but their weight requires extra counter support. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but some models can only fit certain device, meaning sink may need to change if you adjust. sink you choose depends on your budget and performance requirements. Stainless steel kitchen sink is more versatile and cheap, but refractory is more decorative and luxurious.