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Shower extension arm – traditionally, toilets are design to be functional but have generally suffered from the lack of style. And sophistication that is characteristic of today. Homeowners today are investing more money in remodeling their bathrooms. Making them places to rest and relax. According to a recent survey, 30% of homeowners are spending over $ 10,000 to upgrade and expand their bathroom.

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The result also indicates that the shower extension arm or bath part is what makes the bathroom more distinctive. The days have pass when a bathtub with a shower attach. In modern baths today, showers are separate from bathtubs. Whether you put a massage system with water. A bathtub with ancient legs or a bath with an infinite system. The choices are unlimited. You can take it a step further by installing your own sauna. The options for showers have also increased. Adding a touch of elegance is as easy as replacing the head of the shower.

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Today, the shower head has increased in size and also function. For example, the Pegassus brand now offers an array of unique shower heads that provide an increase in water range and massage functions. And also including an accessory item with two shower extension arm . And also a shower head with various different spray modes.

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