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72 inch double sink vanity provides a master bathroom a sense of pure luxury, with the handy addition of allowing each person in the bedroom of his own space. This fact can be particularly appreciated in the morning. A time when even the most patient in a hurry to get started. Having two sinks require either two vanities or a vanity which is twice as long. A double vanity is often the most practical choice. As it gives an impression of uniformity in the bathroom and efficiently organize personal belongings in both bathrooms occupants.

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Place two 2 by 4 s 72 inch double sink vanity, parallel to each other and resting on their long, thin sides. Place them about three meters apart and have an assistant hold them in place. These are the long frame boards. Drill two holes through each long board and into each end of the 36 inch wafers, which are the vertical support boards. Secure boards with 3 inch screws. Attach another vertical support board directly in the center of the frame in the same way. Repeat this process to create a second rectangular frame.

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Stand the two rectangular frames upright on their long edges, about two meters apart, with the help of an assistant. Set a magnetic two-part latch between each door and the central vertical support forum. Drill the screw holes and insert the latch on both doors and the center post with 3/4 inch wood screws. Thanks for your visit my site and reading our post about 72 inch double sink vanity.

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