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Maybe you have a teak rocking chair that has worn upholstery. Instead of replacing the rocker, you can make a case for it. The cost of the cloth and the time it takes to make the cover will be much less than the cost of a new rocking chair.

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Make a cover for your teak rocking chair

Have a notion of how much fabric you ‘ll need to make a case for your teak rocking chair. Use a tape measure or tailor tape, available at any sewing shop, to measure from the floor in front of the rocker in the seat, to the back, then down to the floor on the other side. If it’s easier, you can do this with a piece of string, make a mark on the string and measure it later.

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Wooden Teak Rocking ChairSize: 1500 x 1125

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Choose the fabric you want for your rocking chair. The fabric of the sheath must be thick and resistant to breakage. Fabrics that work well are fabric curtains, cloth, chintz or something similar.

Mark the wrong side of the fabric, according to the measurements you recorded in step 1 with a marker or chalk. Be sure to add up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) as a seam allowance and then cut the fabric. The model will help you draw straight lines and the carpenter’s square will help you keep your square corners. Remove the cushion from the rocking chair if you have one and then wrap the cloth over the chair. Cover the cushion after your teak rocking chair is finished.

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