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How To Make Pallet Rectangle Planter Box – Pallets are used for various purposes in the garden. Including turn into planters boxes are square and rectangular or triangular. Pallet timber takes on a rustic appearance over time and making them perfect for a country garden. Planters made from old pallets will work well in the garden or on a patio. No matter where a planter desired. These growers will keep flowers and herbs or other products, making them a desirable part of any type of garden.

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Draw up plans for the rough for rectangle planter box you want to build. Search for a pallet, consisting of fine, solid wood instead of the cheap alternative. Take the podium apart using the claw part of the hammer, put the nails aside to be reused. Decide on the size of the planter. Measure and mark the pallet wood. Cut the wood to the desired size sand in the ends of each piece of wood as well as any rough spots. Were two big pieces of wooden pallet on a flat surface, and nail the wood over them to make the bottom of the planter.

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Rectangle Planter BoxSize: 900 x 1513

Build walls rectangle planter box by nailing four of pallet pieces together, nailing them end to end. Create these until you have enough to get the sides of the planter to the height you want. Couple the first portion to the bottom of the planter by driving nails down through the lower part of four sides in the lower part. Add the remaining bits by gluing them in place. Allow to dry before continuing. Nail a pallet piece to each end of each side wall of the planter. Do this on a vertical way on the outside of the planter, to keep the pallet wood together and create robust walls. Hammer them in place flat. Paint or stain the planter, if desired, or leave it as it is so that the weather will be able to give the planter a rustic look over time.Pallet planter box plans,

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