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House number plaques – An address plaque is a fancy way to show your house number outside your home. Besides helping an address plaque emergency and medical personnel to find and confirm your house number quickly, which can be critical if you have a home invasion, a fire or a medical emergency. You can buy an address plaque, of course. But you can also make your own very easily. The important thing is to design and place it so that the house number is clearly

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Color selects your number, and use two layers exterior latex paint to the entire surface of the plate so that each layer to dry completely. Layers of masking tape over the area of the plate, where your numbers will place. Covers the area completely, and not worry about the band overlap. Arrange your stencils of masking tape in the order of your house number plaques, and use masking tape to hold them in place. Use a pencil to trace stencils of each track. Remove the stencils and use your utility knife to go over the pencil lines you have drawn.

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New House Number PlaquesSize: 1280 x 960

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Peel away the tape from around the numbers, so only the numbers that they will appear on the plate. Use your brush to paint over the plate again, including the tape over the numbers. Allow the paint to dry. Peel masking tape tracks from your plaque to reveal the numbers in the original paint color. Use a brush to apply a coat of a urethane-based sealant around the plaque. Let it dry. Choose a place for your house number plaques where the view is not obstructed by any leaves or structures in the yard. The best place is next to or above your front door.

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