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Neo angle shower rod – Neo Angle Curtain rods extend from the wall of non-standard shaped showers or on a regular shower curtain to keep from rolling inward. And for make your own neo angle shower rod; place a 45-degree angle PVC fitting on each end of the 26-by-1-inch PVC pipe. And to put brackets on the pipe, push the pipe into the joints. If necessary, use a rubber mallet to tap fittings on. Adjust the 45-degree angle fitting to point in the same direction.

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Make your own neo angle shower rod, resting both ends of the pipes to the walls on either side of the shower. Then place a level in the middle of the 26-inch pipe that extends upwardly to the roof. Then mark the end of the level of the ceiling. Install an eye bolt in the ceiling where you marked the end of the level. If needed, make a pilot hole for starting the bolt.

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New Neo Angle Shower RodSize: 1200 x 927

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As a result make your own neo angle shower rod, secure closet flanges in place with a screw through each of the screw holes. Lift PVC structure up to the closet flange. And then insert the end of the PVC pipe in the two flanges. Have someone hold the structure in place. Then cut a piece of nylon written which is twice the distance from the bottom of 26-inch pipe in the ceiling. Loop round around the underside of the pipe. Finally the binder ends together which to secure the rod.

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