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Bath pillows – To rid your body of stress or fatigue is something we should do at least once a day. Whether through meditation, soft music, steam room and sauna, or relax in a hot bath. These herbal bath pillows will help do the trick, especially when using lavender, jasmine, or bay leaves. These scents are known to help the body to relax.

Posted on January 3, 2018 Hardware

Making bath pillows, first open the towel and smooth flat. Then open the package with quilt batting. Scroll batting, but leave it folded. Measuring the length wise to hand towel and cut off the excess.  Second  Now the newly cut batting (still open and flat) and place 4-5 drops of essential oil on the inside or place a cup or so of the botanical for batting.

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Next throw batting up and place length wise on hand towel. Now rolled towel around batting. Finally, three 12 inch belt. Cinch up both ends of the towel and of binding with the strip forms an arc. Tie the last tape loosely around the middle of the towel to keep it from coming apart.  The final step is to run a hot bath, jump in placing a pillow under your neck, and breathe deeply let all your stress and worries melt away! The steam in the bath will enable herbs in the bath pillows.

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