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Teak lounge chair – Choose the right type of wood. Wood able to stand up better to the elements. Teak can be used, as long as the weather is. Cherry and maple are two other types of hardwood can use to build a chaise lounge chair. Then, use a pencil and tape measure to measure the length of wood. Cut pieces of wood to be use for chaise lounge chair. The base in the lounge need two 2×4 boards. These boards should be about one-half meters long. The pieces that run along the back of the chair should be about six inches long. But they can cut to be longer. This will make a wider seat. It is best to sand and stain the wood before the patio chaise lounge chair is mount.

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When cutting the wooden stick, make sure it is the same length as the wood that is on the back of the chair and then add about four inches of width to match up with 2×4 boards. The pieces that will be press on should be using 1×2 wood. Then, repeat this process with the four 1×3 boards. These boards will be use for the seat.

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Teak lounge chair, make supports for the backrest. Carriers should be the same length as the longest leg of a right-degree triangle and have to start from where the base of the back begins. Take two 1×2 boards and cut them by about four inches behind the backrest which reaches the end of the frame of the seat. And  then cut semicircles on the boards of a few inches. These holes will be use to set the chair reclines.

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