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Shower head shut off valve – If you need a new shower head valve for your shower, you have to measure the current valve opening to buying a shower nozzle valve that is the right size. Many shower head valves are interchangeable. But you will want to measure twice and take the measurements with you to the hardware or home supply store. Pull out several inches on your tape measure. Measure from the floor of your shower to the edge of your current shower head. Then measure from the tiled wall to approximately the edge of the tub.

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Before install shower head shut off valve, these measurements will give you an idea. Idea of how much clearance you in the shower. Remove the existing shower head. Measure the opening of the shower head valve, giving you the width of the valve. Take your current shower head with you to your local hardware store. If all else fails, compare the openings in the old shower head attachment to the opening of the new.

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Install shower head shut off valve means you can turn just a tap or line to work on it and continue to use any other source of water in the house. Adding isolation valves to older homes will probably cost less than $ 10 dollars per valve unless severely corroded pipes and also need to be replaced.

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