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Neo angle shower – A leaking neo-angle shower is a serious problem for homeowners and property owners, because it is not always clear how much water is leaking from the base. Sometimes water seeps into the boards or walls and are invisible. Water may also drip from the roof. Anyway, it is a delicious base a problem you need to solve quickly.

Posted on November 11, 2017 Hardware

If your neo angles shower, is a complete replacement of the unit the best method of repair. When the shower floor leaks, it is due to stress cracks in the vicinity of the drain, or a crack somewhere else in the base. Performing a repair of a crack as it is difficult if not impossible in many cases without success. Changing the base is a big job, but it solves the leak issue once and for all. Since a serious leak leads to bigger problems down the road. So like mildew and rot, save yourself some headaches in the long run.

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Remove the existing neo angle shower floor, to replace the bathroom floor, you have to remove the old one. If you have a fiberglass shower wall. Then start by cutting through them with reciprocal saws and prying the wall and plaster from the studs. To remove the tiles, break through the tiles and plaster with a sledgehammer and pry off chunks with a crowbar. Finally, cutting through the drainpipe underneath the shower drain and unscrew and remove the shower floor. If the base is mortared in place, it will require a lot of work to carve up the mortar and pry off the base.

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