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Kitchen door knobs – Jazz up your decor with some simple hardware. Drawer pulls and cabinet knobs are an easy. Quick way to give your kitchen, bedroom or any room in your home a whole new look. Drawer and cabinet hardware is all the rage now. As people think of money saving ways to dress up the furniture. In fact, new knobs and pulls are usually the first thing people comment on when they walk into a room.

Posted on November 10, 2017 kitchen

Basic types of kitchen door knobs and door pulls include metals, stone and also man-made materials. Metals include the old and familiar brass doorknobs, drawer pull and cabinet knob, and tin, stainless steel, nickel and also gold plate. Now you can even match your kitchen countertops with granite knobs and pulls, or ceramics, clear glass and also acrylic. Look for knobs and pulls that look like pickup trucks, teapots, or even wrenches for tool cabinet.

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Unleash your creativity and save money, too. For a little room, decorate plain wooden buds with “jewels”.  Then, for the modern kitchen, using old silver cutlery. Antique spoons with anti-tarnish coating make big drawer pulls and door handles. With a brass lamp spacer and a long screw, you can actually attach coins, puzzle pieces, buttons and mini-birdhouses for your drawer pulls and cabinet kitchen door knobs.