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Clear shower curtain – Change the look of your bathroom is as quick as changing your shower curtain. Your plastic or vinyl shower liner already doing the job that contains water. Then decorative curtains have many more style and composition possibilities. Perhaps stripes work for you in the spring, but through the winter you prefer rich colors. Hand-made or store bought, fabric shower curtains are a simple change with plenty of power.

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Store-bought flat sheets are already hemmed and require minimal work to ready them for their lives as a clear shower curtain. Cut a slit opening at each end of the wide edge on top of the sheet. And slide a spring-loaded shower rod through. Use two double sheets and pull each side back with tape or use a king sheet to a solid piece. Vertical stripes add illusion of height to a low ceiling and cool prints provide a more romantic mood. Add any trim you want or leave them plain.

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Clear Shower Curtain TopSize: 900 x 1200

Clear Shower CurtainSize: 900 x 900

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If your ceiling is high enough, or if you do not mind Hemming material, consider using long window clear shower curtain panels instead of an ordinary shower curtains. If you like the length, simply slip a spring tension curtain rod through the cabinet at the top of the curtains and adjust the height to let them puddle on the floor or raise the bar so that they clear the floor completely. Either sew two panels together in the middle or leave them separate and use tiebacks.

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