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Wooden laundry hamper – We all have a washing machine at home. Most also a dryer, ironing board and several other accessories that help us to organize our laundry. Distribute them comfortably for use. And discreet is what I have title how to create your laundry. Today I will give you some advice to do so, both for those who have enough space. And for those who have to use a corner.

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In one of the walls is located wooden laundry hamper for all our work center. And on it a kind of worktop to take advantage of space or discreetly pass our “laundry.”  In this case they have intercalated washer. And dryer with several closets in which to place different things for washing. Something very useful to not have to place things in another part of the house.

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Wooden Laundry HamperSize: 1500 x 1500

Diy Wooden Laundry HamperSize: 1288 x 1936

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Wooden laundry hamper also for those who have to integrate the laundry in another room. In this case has created a kind of work closet in which stacked washer and dryer. These others are designs for people who have at home a room specially designed to create their laundry, much larger with steel shelves in some cases other wood. Most of us do not need them or have that space.