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Non mortise hinge is one of the most vulnerable points from the door of your house. Because the door is something that often operates as an access to your home or to limit exit inside and outside the home. The hinge part is something that is prone to damage if you do not routinely perform maintenance. The hinge is the part that can make the door open and close. So that the hinge is a part that must withstand the burden of the door.

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With standard hinges will provide a level of security that is very limit. If the front or rear door opening outwards, will hinge not only visible but also can be access from the outside. This would allow the thief is very easy to release the door hinge bolt. Once the bolt is remove, the door can be open forcibly for full access to the property in the house. For doors that open internally, with standard hinges seen from the inside, there is still the risk of having forced open the door and apart from its hinges. Non mortise hinge is appropriate and safe to the door of your house.

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Non Mortise Hinges BlackSize: 1024 x 768

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Although most of the old door will still use standard hinges, doors that have been installed or replaced in recent years will be using some form hinges are tight. The level of security offered by this hinge is varied and the right choice will vary from situation to situation. When you buy a new door it is very important to the quality of the hinge. Especially if you are a big door size and weight, in addition to the security thing to note is the strength of the hinge. It is very appropriate if you provide the best quality to your door with non mortise hinge.

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