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Hardware for kitchen cabinets – If you design and build a kitchen, or you hire someone else to do it for you. It may be helpful to understand the names and terms that are associate with the cabinet hardware. Modern kitchens are becoming more complex in their quest for new features and gadgets. And new terms and products are constantly appearing on the market.

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Hardware for kitchen cabinets hinges metal features is connect to the edge of a cabinet door. This enables to swing open and closed. The traditional hinge has two pieces are connected by a hinge pin. One of which is a screw to the cabinet and the other that is a screw to the door. The pins in this type of hinges are visible when the cabinet door have close. European hinges are invisible when the door have close.

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While pulls placed on the front of the hardware for kitchen cabinets doors and drawers to make them easier to open and close. Pull can make of metal, wood, plastic or other materials. Bar pulls were made of a cylindrical shape fix to the door or drawer surface at both ends. Round pulls are a single circular shape fix to the middle. And then screws or bolts are pulling on the doors and drawers by screwing through the back of the door or drawer and into the back of the pull.