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How To Open A Brushed Nickel Soap Dispenser Pump – Replaces your bar of soap with a new soap dispenser pump is both economical and sanitary. You will avoid the mess of soaps melt away on the counter. While the family can dispense the exact amount needed to wash their hands. While a wall-mount soap dispenser is easy to use. It can be confusing to open the first time you have to fill it. Learn simple tricks to open your soap dispenser pump and you will be able to refill your liquid soap in under a minute.

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Look over your brushed nickel soap dispenser pump on the ground. Search behind the hole where the soap comes out. You will see a rectangular tab or rocker switches. Either in the same color as your dispenser or a contrasting color. Press the tab or switch with one hand and grasp the top of the container with the other. Pull up on the manifold from the wall. The dispenser cover will swing away from the wall on the lower hinge and hanging down. Revealing the inside of the container.

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Pull out the empty soap bag and box and discard. Pay attention to how the bag was place in the dispenser. Substituting empty bag and a box with full insert rubber hose and nipple in the same way as was the blank. Swing brushed nickel soap dispenser casing cover back up to the top. Push it firmly against the wall until you hear a click indicating it is snapped securely closed.

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