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Oval bathroom mirror – While many homeowners shows rectangular flat mirrors that look the glass in his bathroom, alternatives exist. With a little imagination, you can transform a bathroom mirror in the focal point of the room. From adding to your existing mirror or completely change it, your bathroom mirror finally make an impact.

Posted on November 8, 2017 Vanity

Compose oval bathroom mirror with painted or stained wood trim. Consider matching the framework of the existing cabinets you have in the bathroom for a balanced look. Make a statement with colors and paint flowers or designs on the mirror with enamel paint.  Also you can create a frosted border with glass etching color. Then you can find both types of paint home improvement or craft stores.

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Hang a new mirror in the old site. Select a framed oval bathroom mirror with a heavy ornate frame or a graphic appeal to complement your bathroom décor. Check out the section mirrors in your favorite department store to find wall mirrors that you can use in your bathroom for impact and style. Then the other alternate, increase the visual size of your bath by hanging two mirrors facing each other. They will reflect in each other and make the space seem larger. Which you will aplay in your bathroom?

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