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Patio planter – Create a focal point in your front patio and yard with planter on a pedestal. Landscaping with pedestal planters allows you to use vertical space as a center point with a bed of flowers or rock garden spread below it. Imitate the shape of the flowerpot in the bed design or a rock garden flower. For example, if the gardener is octagonal, create an octagonal garden with the pedestal planter in the middle. Rock gardens will best be a showcase of flowers or plants inside the pot.

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A flower bed will flow as an extension of the patio planter in the pot. Crawling ivy or petunias are good options for a pedestal planter as the vines can fall on the sides of the planter. Then, create landscaping borders by aligning rectangular planters along the length of a driveway or roadway. And also rectangular planters are look good as a definition for the outline of a patio or terrace. Fill the pots with tall flowers, pointy as cannas. And also medium grasses like lavender to add height to the border design.

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Other options include low annual growth such as begonias create a mound full of flowers. Flowers in a rectangular Planter and provide consistent color throughout the summer. They fill pots with low growth patio planter are more compact and create a more nimble border along a road or driveway.