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Pedestal tub is both attractive and attention hogs. When you have one in bathroom, enjoy its overwhelming presence. The simplest interior design solutions pedestal tub bathroom is vintage. Go cheap and charming with a garden feature, or set the tub in an extraordinary gallery of a truly modern bathroom design.

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Pedestal Tub Cast IronSize: 900 x 900

Pedestal Tubs AcrylicSize: 650 x 650

Pedestal Tub ReviewsSize: 600 x 600

Pedestal Tub PackagesSize: 600 x 600

Pedestal Tub LowesSize: 800 x 800

Pedestal Tub FaucetSize: 680 x 680

Pedestal Tub Cast IronSize: 900 x 900

A pedestal tub is a diva in the bathroom, so go with it and keep surroundings simple. Paint the walls, ceilings, trim and radiators or other fixtures-white. Using the same color on a wooden floor, or find durable floor paint in the exact shade. Alternatively, the tile floor in the large, white tiles. Pedestal tub this cloud, and place a single, bath-height block of wood next to the tub to keep the necessities in the bath.

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A giant sea sponge will balance the rolled edge of the tub when not floating in the bath. Towels should be thick or a neutral non-color as sand or gray. Windows can be glazed to let in light while preserving privacy and eliminates the need for fussy curtains. A white pigeon nubby bath mat hangs over the tub to dry between sucking and medicine chests that disappear into the walls holding bath salts and aromatherapy wands.

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