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Pee trap can provide significant value to homeowners by reducing water, sewage and maintenance costs compared to conventional toilets. The water savings can be significant because the water in a pee trap is about half of a toilet. As the word “water” in the name implies, there is no flushing involved in its use. Be careful if considering an anhydrous fixture technology will vary and some devices can generate odors are not adapted for home use.

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Follow all local plumbing and building codes. Works may require additional tools, hardware and the help of a plumber. Turn off the water supply. Depending on the convenience of access to the waste and supply lines, choose a pee trap location between two wall studs. Also, plan height as needed intended users such as small children. Install or move the hose if necessary to position the pee trap supply.

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Pee Trap PrimerSize: 1000 x 750

Pee Trap SinkSize: 800 x 800

Pee Trap PrimerSize: 1000 x 750

Pee Trap PlasticSize: 750 x 600

Pee Trap PictureSize: 856 x 856

Pee Trap PartsSize: 760 x 592

Pee Trap OdorSize: 800 x 800

Pee Trap ModernSize: 600 x 600

Pee Trap MaleSize: 935 x 612

Pee Trap InstallationSize: 900 x 600

Pee Trap FemaleSize: 935 x 670

Pee Trap DesignSize: 667 x 1000

Pee Trap BottleSize: 839 x 688

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Install or relocate the waste pipe needs to serve the pee trap position. This may require to work under floor level to attach the drain pipe and then cut in the floor to connect it to the pee trap. Install shut-off valve. Install adequate support framing as needed. Install the flush valve according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Connect the water supply, complete the waste pipe connections. Rinse and thoroughly check the entire installation for leakage. Repair the wall and the floor needed. Caulk the urinal on the top and sides leaving about 8 inches at the bottom of the pee trap free poetry.

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