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Bathroom toilet paper holder – The holder serves to house the roll of toilet paper and therefore should be located near the toilet, usually on his right side. The choice of location will depend upon the space available and the point at which allows less hindrance in moving.

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There are of course bathroom toilet paper holder different types of roll. A classic solution is to house it in a small recess formed in the wall by inserting the plastic element. But this is a choice to be evaluated under construction or renovation that will not be changed unless substantial works.

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Most Popular Model

In the most frequent cases, the holder is instead fixed to the wall with screws and dowels, and replaced at any time. The wall holder must be set at a minimum height of between 40 and 60 cm from the ground. The footprint is usually around 15 cm.

The most popular model has a horizontal bar covered with a plastic frame, metal or ceramic. A plastic frame, metal or ceramic which blends style and color with other bathroom accessories. There are also roll holder with the ‘ axis placed vertically. Instead of horizontally, which is more comfortable to stay the roll but is less practical use for those who must use the card. If there is enough space in the bathroom toilet paper holder. You can choose a model with the housing for one or more backup rolls.

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