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How to plumb a toilet – Damage to the toilet flush valve or toilet fill valve can result in a leaky toilet, one that fails to flush and an increase in your water bill. Install a plumb pak universal toilet repair kit, you can replace the working parts of the toilet tank rather than replace the whole toilet. Then, find the shut-off valve for the water supply is in your toilet tank. And then turn the valve handle to the left. Press toilet tank handle to flush the toilet, running water from the tank.

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How to plumb a toilet, put a terry towel to the tank to soak up any remaining water. Fit a wrench around the nut that holds the water supply pipe to the water tank. Turn nut to left with wrench, so you can remove the supply line from the tank. Remove the toilet two or three bolts from the tank. These bolts holding the tank on the toilet seat. Place the wrench on the nut under the tank that holds the screw securely. Use a screwdriver to remove the bolts.

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How to plumb a toilet, remove the toilet tank of the toilet seat and carefully put it upside down on a towel or carpets. Then, locate the spud nut in the middle of the container containing the flush valve in the tank. Remove the nut with adjustable pliers and remove the original flush valve from the tank.

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