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Brass door knockers – Variety of polished brass items for the home, including door panels, handles and door knockers. The polished brass door knockers are available in many different styles, from modern to classical, and is designed to withstand time and weather. Installing a polished brass door knocker will require some basic tools, including an electric drill, bits, screwdriver, level, and ruler. Always wear goggles when using power tools

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Polished brass door knockers, use a pencil to mark the desired location for the door knocker. Consider the height of the average person. And hang time of the hammer 4 or 5 meters from the ground and centered in the middle of the door. Find the appropriate screw hole centers of the hammer. And by means of a ruler to determine the center of the door. Check the screw hole locations with a plan to ensure that they are in a straight line and mark with a pencil when you have determined the correct location.

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As a result, drill holes for screws. Set the hammer of drill holes. Insert and tighten the screws. Baldwin polished brass door knockers should now be in place. And then use wall plugs, available at most home repair or hardware stores if the door fill or hammer works loose. Then place the dowels into the holes in the door put the hammer over the holes and insert the screws. Finally, the anchor will expand to hold the screw in place.

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