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Kitchen drawer pulls – Order has a lot to do with space. And we are not talking about meters, but location. You can have many drawers but if you have to take many steps to use them, they will not be useful. They are drawers of different sizes to better adapt to the content and yet, they create a very harmonic structure. The secret? “The drawers always match horizontally because they all have multiple heights of 13”. A practical and very elegant design.

Posted on December 1, 2017 kitchen

The cabinets up to the ceiling make the space look much smaller, especially in elongated kitchens like this one. That is why it has been played with different levels, and even with colors to break this feeling. Or Open shelves kitchen drawer pulls, when placing open shelves instead of cabinets with doors the kitchen gains visual amplitude.

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Kitchen Drawer PullsSize: 1280 x 960

Trash cans: It ended up banishing them to the laundry room or to the farthest corner of the kitchen. The closer to the work area, the better. So we will have it right by hand. The removable drawers with special module for the cubes are ideal. Integrated appliances: When they go for free, they break with the kitchen unit. It is best to integrate them into columns along with cabinets and kitchen drawer pulls to make them part of the set.

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