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Kitchen cabinets knobs – Beautifully painted wood buds on a piece of furniture can make all the difference in its appearance, change a dull, boring piece for a personalized and functional work of art. Many stores sell ready-make dials adorn with colorful patterns and images. But these can be expensive, especially when many buds are require for a project.

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The most basic way to transform wooden kitchen cabinets knobs is to paint it a solid bold color. This is an excellent method if you are not artistically inclined. And then, a smooth paint job is crucial as any bumps or lumps become more visible without any design to hide flaws. Using a flat brush and apply the acrylic paint in the thin layer, abrasion between layers when necessary. Ending each knob with one layer high gloss varnish for knobs, to shine and catch the eye.

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Kitchen Cabinets KnobsSize: 966 x 725

Animal Print adds an exotic look to any piece and transforms a boring bureau or cabinet to a wild-looking conversation piece. Base-coat kitchen cabinets knobs in the lighter color found in the printout. For example, tiger stripes would require an orange base coat and zebra print would require a white base coat. Use a liner brush and black acrylic paint to apply the intricate stripes or spots on the buttons.

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