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Curtain rod hooks from metal or rings are easy prey to rust. This is because the hooks are constantly exposed to humidity and moisture inevitably faster to corrosion. If your home water has high iron content, the problem will only get worse, as rust is none other than iron or combination of iron and oxygen. Fortunately, you can prevent the formation of rust and prevent the replacement of your metal curtain rod hooks plastic.

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Remove the shower curtain from hooks or rings. Most hooks simply lift or snap off the curtain rod. Remove the rust already on the metal hooks. Soak hooks in undiluted vinegar or lemon juice overnight. Acidic fluid will loosen and remove rust. Use steel wool grade 0000 to polish all the remaining corrosion of hooks.

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Dampen a cloth with white spirit and thoroughly dry the shower curtain hooks to remove all dirt, grime and soap scum. The hooks to air dry completely before proceeding. Apply a paste car wax shower curtain rod hooks.

Do not use cream-type car waxes, because they contain water and provide less protection than a paste wax. Reconnect the shower curtain rod hooks. Clean hooks shower curtain with white spirit about once a month or as needed. Reuse paste car wax after each cleaning to prevent future rust.

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