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Purple shower curtain – Purple is an expressive color that is soothing, romantic and regal. Whether you’re looking for some quick updates and new project or a full redesign. Also the infusion purple accents in the bathroom will help you create a relaxing getaway to enjoy after a long day. A garden tub usually defined as a large tub with a rounded shape. Most garden tub is deeper than standard tub to provide a more luxurious bathing experience. These pods are only bad and usually do not include some form of a shower. However, you may still want to include a shower curtain around the bath for privacy. The ability to draw a curtain closed on the rest of the bathroom can help create a protected escape for soaking your cares away.

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Select purple shower curtain rod having approximately the same shape as the outer side of your garden tub. If your bathtub is detached, the side to be bent along with the contour of the tub. Perfect for a slightly curved curtain rod. A detached garden tub that is not against a wall will need a circular or oval curtain rod to surround the entire tub.

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If you have a drop-in garden tub. It can be straight sides surround the tub with a small shelf along the edges. This arrangement will work well with a standard, straight purple shower curtain rod. Decide where you want the curtain to fall. As a shower curtain around a garden tub is privacy, rather than contain water as it is in a traditional shower curtain does not have to fall directly into the tub.

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