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Shower curtain clips – Round curtain rings are available in a variety of colors and styles. Place with rings to hang your curtains leaves the pole or rod expose, it is important to choose an elegant curtain rod that match your decor, as well as ensure that the rings properly connect.

Posted on November 9, 2017 Curtain

The first, determine the style of your curtain rings. Round curtain rings are available in two different styles. A style has a clip of clips on the curtain, the other has a hook. You can choose which one shower curtain clips or hook. The latter is used for curtains with buttonholes. Then, place the curtain on the bathroom flat surface. Measure the top width of the curtain. Measuring curtain width divide by the number of inches you want between each ring.  So, you will need to attach eight round rings to the curtain.

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Furthermore, starts measuring an upper end of the curtain at the other end.  Then turn on the area where you want each ring to shower curtain clips. Bolts will space evenly. Clip around the ring at each point marked on the curtain. While hook around ring through each eye if you are using rings with hooks. Run rod through all the rings. So, place the curtain rod on its supports in the shower room.

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