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Refrigerator door handles – New refrigerator handles can quickly accumulate an accumulation of oils and dirt from your hands. You can clean handles smoothly and without abrasives to keep them great. With a soft tea towel, some baking soda and some warm water, you can clean almost any white plastic residue. You can quickly turn refrigerator handles to immaculate white. In just a few minutes with items you already have in your kitchen.

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How to clean refrigerator door handles? Add baking soda and heat water in a 2-quart bucket. And mix together with hand. DIP one end of a soft kitchen towel into baking soda solution. And then gently rub in small circles on surface of door handles of refrigerator. Turn kitchen towel soft until dry end. And dry entire surface clean as you polish plastic to a shine. Cloth down door takes care of with baking soda solution at least once a week will facilitate cleaning and maintaining sanitary mangoes.

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Refrigerator door handles are touch by family members more than anything in kitchen. Promote regular hand washing and clean all exposed surfaces of kitchen. Some new refrigerators are deliver with stickers on handles. Remove any sticky residue to left after stickers are remove with a paper towel and also a few drops of orange oil concentrate. Scratches left by abrasive cleaners retain food and particles of fat and promote bacterial growth.

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