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Rain shower head lowes – Install a rain shower head in your bathroom dramatically change the flow of water from the typical. Powerful currents common in most showers to soft, relaxing feeling of a summer shower. Install a rain shower head requires replacing the shower arm too. This is necessary because rain shower head is much larger and require more height and distance from the wall for correct operation. Exit this project requires only a few basic tools and some thread tape or sealant.

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Buy a rain shower arm suitable for the size of the shower. Rain showers weapons not only increases the distance from the wall, but also the height of the shower head. Remove the old shower head counterclockwise from the water outlet with a pair of adjustable pliers, tape key or your hand. If you plan to reuse the old shower head assembly. And wrap a cloth around the shower head arm before you take it with pliers to avoid damaging the finish. Decide which end of the rain shower head lowes arm inserts into the water outlet. Gently push the coat of arms on the arm just past the threads. The plate covers the gap between the wall and the water outlet pipe.

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Rain shower head lowes style, thread the shower arm into the water outlet pipe by hand until it is seated. Sometimes the shower arm requires further tightening with pliers or strap wrench to prevent leakage or to adjust properly. In this case, be sure to wrap the shower arm with a cloth or use a strap wrench to avoid damage to its surface. Make sure the rubber washer on the inside of the shower head is correctly seated. The rubber washer seals the connection, eliminating the need for thread tape or sealant during installation. Wood new shower head on the shower arm until properly.

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