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Rear outlet toilet – design of toilet, as we know it today, it seems perfect but … could improve? Some proposed most intelligent and ecological ideas. But if you look at history of health and psychology involved in our attitudes towards it. It might be difficult to modify. Toilet and our bathroom habits have undergone several changes throughout history.

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Arrival of tanker, or download transformed human sensory experience of “elimination”. Ending much of tactile and visual interaction that before we had with our feces. Thereafter, water began to do dirty work. Water well located on rear outlet toilet of English and American Standard toilet almost totally allows us to limit visions of our achievements. It does not happen same with certain designs toilet in continental Europe. Which has a shelf where fecal creations are perfectly in sight.

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White Rear Outlet ToiletSize: 1300 x 1300

Rear Outlet ToiletSize: 1014 x 1315

Rear Outlet Toilet ModernSize: 1438 x 1200

Rear Outlet Toilet IdeasSize: 1500 x 1500

Rear Outlet Toilet HomeSize: 1500 x 1587

Ideas Rear Outlet ToiletSize: 1500 x 1500

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Eventually rear outlet toilet came several compelling arguments about need to modify flush toilet. In an average home in UK, for example, toilets represent at least 30% of water consumption. A conservative estimate calculates that a year each person uses about 12,000 liters. Another disadvantage is that download all at once. And that, in ecological terms is not good news. Urine equals only 1% of waste. But containing 90% of nitrogen wastewater, 50% of its phosphorus and most of dissolved drugs. Some of which even small amounts can affect human and marine life. Seen this way, toilet seems to have become a consumer of water, hostile object to environment and its own past.

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