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Outdoor glider cushions – You can renew your old porch glider cushions with new covers made of outdoor fabric. Also other heavy fabrics like denim or cloth can be used, is a specialty outdoor fabric designed to resist mildew and sun bleaching. Keep your new cushion covers in good condition. Place the furniture in direct sunlight, if possible. Keep patio furniture cushions indoors a shed or garage is good – when not in use, especially in winter.

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Clean your porch outdoor glider cushions. Brush off loose dirt with a soft brush and wash both sides with a mixture of 1/4 cup mild soap in a gallon of warm water. Then, let air dry. Inspect pads for signs of mold or other damage. Dead mold with a solution of cup bleach mixed in one liter of water. Spray the solution on the mold, scrub with a brush, rinse and let air dry.

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Repair damage to the existing cap, if needed. Then, hand stitch tears closed and patch small holes with a needle and thread. Iron the fabric according to manufacturer’s instructions. And then add two layers of fabric right sides together on a large flat surface. Place the glider pad to the fabric. Then, draw a line around the edge of the outdoor glider cushions. Draw a second line one inch plus half the thickness of the pad outside the first row. For pads less than 1 inch thick, do not add extra depth. Pin the fabric together between the two lines and cut through both layers of the outer line.

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