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How To Refinish Cast Iron Sinks – Cast iron sinks are usually made of cast iron and coated with enamel. The disadvantage of these sinks is that the enamel chips easily and is often prone to spots. Especially in the handling of the antique sink. You should use caution to preserve its authenticity and start by trying to remove stains completely before refinishing cast iron sink.

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Clean the sink with a product designed to remove stains from cast iron sinks. Will you have a nonabrasive cleaner? Kohler makes a specific cast iron, but Soft Scrub or other nonabrasive formula works. If necessary, the cleaner to sit overnight then if the stains do not come out or have chips on to refinishing. Sand the entire surface of the sink with fine-grit sandpaper. Sanding will roughen enamel finish over cast iron and epoxy coating provides the ability to connect to the sink.

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Applying the epoxy primer on cast iron sinks with a roller or brush in light, even strokes, ensuring that there are no brush marks or ridges. With the help of several thin coats will give better results. Apply two to three layers, allowing each to dry completely before using another. Brush or roll on acrylic topcoat. Acrylic topcoat will create a strong and durable finish. This coating should also be used with a thin layer of paint. Paint in one direction and prevent feathering the end of your strokes for a smooth surface. Do not use your sink two days to dry completely. Use a gentle, nonabrasive cleanser for regular cleanings.

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