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Stainless steel bathtub – Remove a bath at home, if you want to replace it with a new bath or preparing to replace it with a shower – not generally recommended for inexperienced do-it-yourself. The tubs are heavy and cumbersome, and removal requires tearing around the area of ​​the bath where it is set in the floor. In addition, one must ensure that the plumbing treat correctly, otherwise you risk flooding. But if you feel comfortable with big labor-intensive projects and comfortable with basic plumbing, you can remove an old stainless steel bathtub with about five to six hours of work.

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Remove a stainless steel bathtub, turn off your water supply at the main valve, and then, if necessary, turn off the water valves to the tub. Remove the tub filler spout. Some spouts screw off, while others require a wrench. Use an Allan wrench or screwdriver to remove the handles. Put on safety glasses.

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Crack a porcelain tub several pieces by means of the sledge. Breaking the bath in this way makes it easier to remove and to perform for disposal. Use a skewer to pull up the edges of the tub from the floor. Soak some porcelain shards and dust using the shop vacuum. Place the wood down on the bathroom floor next to the tub. And if your tub is steel or cast iron. Edge spit over the edge of the tub of wood and dragging. The wood protects your bathroom floor from scratches or cracks left by the spike. Pull straight up the tub, by means of at least one partner. Perform the stainless steel bathtub out for recycling or disposal.

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