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Decorative Hinges – Wrought iron hardware comes in a variety of forces and applications. When installing a door hinge decorative wrought iron, it is important that the hinge meets the needs of the door. The hinge must be strong enough to hold the door in his post as well as being strong enough to withstand constant use.

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It is not very different from other types of hanging door decorative hinges hanging near the door with decorative hinges. Instructions: 1 Check that forms the swinging door, either inside or outside, to place the hinges in the right direction. 2 plan the placement of the hinges. A hinge should be at the top of the post and one at the bottom to evenly distribute the weight of the door. Allow 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.5 cm) of space under the door so you can clear the ground beneath him throughout the year.

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3 Hold the hinge in place and use a level to make sure the decorative hinges is level. Mark the location of the holes with a pencil. 4 screw the hinge in place in the post using the pencil marks as a guide. Keep the door hinges to the post and mark with a pencil the location of the door hinge.

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