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How To Remove The Liner To Install The Dryer Exterior Vent Covers – Ventilation covers dryers through an exterior wall to remove the humid air from the house. Dryer vent blanket serves to prevent insects and birds entering the dryer duct and create a nest that can block airflow.

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To remove the liner to install the dryer exterior vent covers, measure the distance from a location where you want to place the ventilation grille. Such as a solid wall or window edge, inside the house to the intended dryer. The original location should be able to be placed from outside. Go outside, measure the same distance from the original location. Mark the location of the dryer in the liner. Exhausts vent whole position so that the dryer vent cover will be located with the top of the grille below a ridge crest. The ridge adds a protective layer to keep running water under ventilation when it rains. Mark the side edges of the dryer on the liner.

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Measure the distance from the top of the dryer exterior vent covers to the top of the dryer vent opening. Use this measure down from the bottom of an appropriate edge on the liner. Mark the location with a pencil. Put on safety glasses or goggles. Insert a 4-inch 1/4 inch drill bit into a hole. Center bit between the marked side positions on the liner with the top of the bit over the mark under the edge of the liner. Drill the liner to remove the liner to install the external dryer vent cover. Keep the drill straight to avoid binding or tighten the tang on the drill bit. Use a sealant compression tube and place a drop of sealant around the back crest of the dryer vent cover. Instead of the dryer outer cover over the hole in the lining and secure with screws at the edges.

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