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Interior door knobs – Removal of old door knobs and a lock is a task that most homeowners can accomplish if a door has a cylinder or mortise lock set. A cylinder lock has a broad, tubular body extending through the door, with the device’s locking mechanism in the steering wheel itself. Mortise lock employs both a lock and a deadbolt, which is housed in a door cavity, called a mortise. Remove the old door knobs and locks so you can install new devices to provide increase security after moving to a new home.

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Touch the end of a small screwdriver into the slot located in the shank of the door handles on the inside of the cylinder lock. And then pull out the inner knob and remove the rose behind it. Remove the mounting bolts that secure the mounting plate. There are usually two of these bolts. Remove the mounting plate. Also pull the interior door knobs on the door outer side. From the same side, remove the rose, followed by cylinder.

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Remove the screws from the face plate on the door edge and pry off front plate. Then, pull the locking congregation out the door. Also unscrew the set screw in the shank of the interior door handle with a small screwdriver. Remove interior knob from the spindle it was install on. Pull the outer knob from the other side. Unscrew and remove the set screw from the deadbolt knob on the inside of the door. Pull the deadbolt interior door knobs.

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